this is such a silly question.. but I think I don't feel sure about the verb "like". Ok, we said in another thread that "nice" has two different meanings depending on whether it is used to refer to a thing, or it is used to refer to a person/animal.
Nice person/animal ---> nice personality (friendly, kind, etc.)
Nice thing ----> it looks nice (beautiful/pretty/cute), or it is enjoiable...

Now, I'm afraid there's the same difference when using the verb "like".
If you like a car, you think it is nice/beautiful/etc. or you could think it is a good car for some other reasons.
But if you like a person, can it mean you only like them physically? Like "Do you like Paris Hilton? - Yes, I like her, but I hate the way she behaves... I think she's not a nice girl"

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if you like a person, can it mean you only like them physically? Yes, but if we want to be clear, we often say more specifically, 'I like her looks' or even 'I like her physically'.

A girl might say about her boyfriend, 'I don't think he loves me. I think he just likes me physically'. Often , that means he is just interested in sex with her.

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Normally, 'like' does not necessarily imply a physical attraction. Most often, it means you find something agreeable or to your taste. When used in reference to a person ("I like Paris Hilton"), it usually means you are at least friends with that person (if you know him/her). If you said it about someone you've never met (such as Paris Hilton or the president), it still doesn't necessarily imply a physical attraction for the person. How the listener would interpret your statement would depend on the context and how you said it.
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