Can I say "I like Jordan best in Basketball".

Does it same as saying, "Jordan are my favourite basketball player".

Thanks in advance.
Both of those are OK too, VC-- 'best' or 'the best'.
Actually "best" is incorrect in these sentences; it should be "most".

"I like you best" implies that I am proficient in liking you. The word "best" refers to the verb "liking" and not to the object of the sentence "you".

However, this structure is so common in spoken English that the actual meaning is largely understood. But you should be aware of the basic error because it could lead to ambiguity in certain sentences.
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"I like Jordan very much."
Hi, Sci-guru.

Thanks for reply.

I am not too sure but don't you also say like "the students like you best", or "...best"?

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