I am a french boy and i go in London during the summer. I like very much take my pig of india with me, but is there rules?
I not want to leaving her alone in my home...
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my pig of india

In English, we call this a "guineapig", threepod.

I think you might find that your pet will have to be quarantined for 6 months before coming into the country. But why not check with your vetinary surgeon (animal doctor) to see if you can get a "passport" for it. Some animals can have "passports".
Thank to you M. Abbié...

I not understand that "quarantained" mean?
And my pig she is not from guniea, she from india. French is "cochon d'inde". I have searched in the books, and it not the same country. Please explain? Thank!
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even though it is "cochon d'Inde" in french, the translation in english is not a word-for-word translation, but the meaning remains the same.
"quarantained" means "mettre en quarantaine", to make sure your pet is not carrying viruses or diseases when landing in the UK.
and if I can correct you, you should say "I do not understand", " it is not the same country".
you know the best way to improve in english, or another foreign language, is to stop a word-for-word translation and acquire the structure and idioms expressions of the new language, so stop thinking in french!!!english is much easier than french, it may be hard at the beginning, but in a long-time period it would be useful!!
Good luck!
Ah, i understadn now! Thank you, Amandine! So i take my pig of guniea with me in London!
And I want speak english, it is why i found the site. Thank you!
you're welcome and I hope you will enjoy London, it is such a nice city!!
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Tank you, Amandine!
hi threepodEmotion: smile

you are a funny guy, you should not take an animal to london!!!

sylvie b
Ooh, no! i will not leave her, i have fright that she die. She is my friend, she calls her Justine.
I think i take her in pocket, ha ha! and she has a laisse... I knot know how say laisse in english? You know?
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