i am loooking for some one to help me in this iusse .i fine my self very week in english i wanna to learn and more i really enjoy learning english and i would like to studay english in more detalis . and i would like to fine a books or course which help me in this issue.
wish to hear from u soon .

Hello Vrushalikotkar,

I think that your studious efforts to improve your English skills are very admirable.
Many people do not bother to take such care to get their writing typed properly.

Good luck,

Hello sana
If you really are interested, You found a cool site. Kewl!
You can go to different forums and read many people's posts and all and I hope you will have the tendency to grasp all that.
Emotion: smile
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I am also a new user for english speaking.
I am doing the study of English from last five months. In the starting of my studyI found my self weak in English,but asI am trying to learn English my confidence increased.
Try to speak two to three times a day.Speak any thing, like- choose any topic & prepare a paragraph on it. Speak to yourself or tell to your friend or to the native english speaker & say that peak up your mistakes. Always correct yourt mistakes & speak them repeatly.
After some period you will find yourself as a good speaker.

In your writing you made some spelling mistakes. I try to write them correctly.
I am looking for some one helps me in this issue.I find myself a very weak in English.I want to learn more & more. I really enjoy to learn the english. i would like to study english in more detail and I would like to find some books or any course which helps me in this issue.

My tips may be help you.
Hi Vrushali!
Even I have very poor writing, After I attached and completly involved in computers I rarely used pen. That doesnt mean that I dont use pen at oll. I use pen to write down some points,notes. This lead to bad hand writing. Today I my self hate my own hand writing. It degrated down to earth compared to what it was 3 years back.

I do lot of spelling mistakes, If I am not using MS Word then you will find hell lot mistakes in each and every para, almost in every line.

I am not working on it, I am not trying to improove it. Dont know how to do it.

By the way, What is your native language, and where are you from.
My handwriting is also poor. But I don't make any mistakes in the handwriting. When I also write in the computer then sometimes mistakes made by me, to avoid the mistakes I am writing them in the notebook & read them carefully. When second time I go to write on the computer then I remember those mistakes & don't make them repeatly.
This experiment will be helping you.
I am from India. My native language is Hindi.
And what is your native language & where are you from.
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