I love how it doesn't use shortcuts. E.g. colour

I love how it's 'r' before 'e'. E.g. centre

I love deep, 'o'ish, no tongue rolling sound.

Who's with me?
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I love NigarEnglish
How about American one?
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american english Emotion: ick!

i love british english, i've been tolled i actually have a british accent, but have noo idea where i got that from cause i've never been to england and i don't really know how to talk british english..
American English is much more better than English in my opinion))
you should live in texas then, i hate that accent
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Why don't you like AE? It's the best accent. Millions of people wanna get that
I like American English, obviously. I don't like British accents much, but I think there are some that are decent or interesting. American English is more like "music", it sounds "strong" and "wild"... ok, that probably doesn't make sense, but anyway...
British English is over-rated, trust me. Some accents around Britain, England in particular are absolutely awful to listen too. Im not too keen on the American English too and to think they insult the British accent.
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