Hello,The following is quoted from a user's question.Somebody put/ made a comment in CNN, that we have lots of X and Y, we can do this and do that. I asked the writer, who is we? I meant what did the writer mean by we?1) Is Who is we wrong?2) Is put a comment proper? My questions is seeking for your suggestions about the following rephrasing parts. A.) :I have [the thing which did the writer mean by me] in mind as my purpose. B.) the [the writer mean]------the writer has [which ] in mind as his purpose C.) Are the two "have" the same as each other? Do they show [feel] ? and Are the and the [writer] like a receiver to feel the thing? Because [the thing] as their purpose can have them on willing to be a receiver to feel the thing. Thank you for your assistance.
1) Is Who is we wrong?-- "Who is 'we' ?" is fine.
2) Is put a comment proper?-- No, 'made a comment' or 'commented'.

The rest of your post is inscrutable.
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Hi, I supposed it may be hard to read Mister and I am sorry to confuse you.I'd make sense of them clear unto you with a mew post. bepleased
I'd name it "have [something in mind] / [it to do] / [knowledge] "