Dear Sir or Madam,

I am graduated student from Faculty of Organizational Science. I have graduated at (Town) University, (Country) in April 2003 with specialization in Management. Since, I am interested in Finance and (Country) is considered as referent country in that field I wish to apply for a Master Programme in March 2006.

My carrier objective is to focus my managerial knowledge and skills to the one field of business - Finance. I have always endeavoured to do my best and learn as much as possible. After my graduation from economic high school I was accepted by the at the (Town) University – major field Finance and Accounting. I have graduated in two years and continue further with my education at the Faculty of Organizational Science in (Town). Although it was difficult, in part because I had to work in order to provide enough finance for my studies, I successfully obtain good marks in most of the courses. Having been employed and studying at the same time, gave me the opportunity to introduce theoretical knowledge into practise. Moreover, I became very well organized and determent in my quest for a leading position in future.

To maintain and expand my knowledge and skills I took additional courses in Accounting, Basic training in Business Orientation – Business Establishment and Business Planning and Budgeting. In 2004 I won the scholarship of (Country) Ministry of Education and participate in Young Management Program at the (Town) .

By learning Finance I will obtain a deep and thorough education in order to solve the most diverse types of financial problems, to be able to pass on ideas, and to have a critical understanding of problems and solutions. As a financier I will be able to involve in the great moments of the corporate life cycle (the financial equivalents of birth, marriage and death). I would like to now more about financial markets, financial strategies, institutional and investment market stratagems etc.

After a thorough research I became aware that studying at the (University), internationally recognized institution and in the European financial and business centre – (Town), is the right choice. My future plan is to get professionally involved in international environment. To start building a career in abroad it is highly important not only knowing the way of dealing with numbers but also to get along with social differences and situations. My personal interest for other cultures and open-mindedness is an asset but education would bring even better benefits. These are the aspects for my desire to accomplish my Master’s degree in Finance, grouped by multicultural fellow students.

Through hard work and dedication I have grown immensely during the past years. I am confident with the additional knowledge, skills and contacts gained though your program, and I will be well positioned to become a strong faculty member at a leading university and good Finance Manager in the future.

I look forward to your positive response.


Svjetlana Vujicic

Can someone check my letter, please. I need to write motivation letter for obtaining the scholarship and the dead line in October 15th. That means that I have one month to do it.
I will appreciate any help, any hint to make this letter good enough that the organization at least take me into consideration for scholarship

Thank all of you.


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I think it's fairly long. Try to know exactly name of who will read your motivation letter. If your start your letter with Dear Sir/Madam, you should end it with Yours faithfully. That's a rule. OK?
I suggest you for your introduction & conclusion. OK?

Intro: I'm writing/I would like to apply for the Master of (feild - Financial Management, etc.) at (name of the university you apply). I have completed/finished/accomplished the Bachelor of (your studying feild) at (your university).

Conclusion: Taking in consideration the above mentioned reasons, I consider myself appropriciate candidate foe a studying position at (name of the uni.). I am looking for getting feedback from you.

Sincerely yours (if you know name of the person will read your letter)

About the body, you should write 2 - 3 paragraphs. 1 para to explain why you want to study Finance, etc. 1 para to motivate yourself, your abilities, your skils... I mean the reasons why they should choose you. 1 para to brief your academic result, what you have achieved in your study progress. I cannot write it for you because I donot clearly know about you and perhaps what I write will not show your expectation. Good luck with your motivation letter! Hope what I suggest is helpful for you!