hello to everyone.this is my first message in this forum.i'm a from Turkeyand i'm a university student at English language teaching depertmant.I need a native speaker for my homework,our lecturer gave us some sentences.Could you correct them and explain in some words.Please do not think i'm a lazy student,i need the opinions of native speakers on this mistakes.I'm listing the sentences here:

1-Kim and Sandy is looking for a new bicycle.

2-Have you the time?

3-It ain't nobody going to miss nobody.

4-I've never put the book.

5-The boat oated down the river sank.

6-Nixon disagreed Sandy into the ocean

7-Aren't I invited to the party?

8-There is eager to be fty students in this class

9-There seems to be many reasons for questioning the govenment's immigration policy.

10-This is the kind of problem that my doctor is easy to talk about.

There is no mistakes about miswritten words.Could you list the reasons for each sentence? Emotion: smile Thanks for everything
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Can you find any of these mistakes by yourself? Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
yeah i can find but i need an opinion of native speaker.The semantic knowledge can differ between a native and a non-native one
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I believe that that native speaker who replied to you is asking for you to make your best attempt at answering the questions yourself.

If he wasn't, then I am.

P.S. I have moved this thread to the general grammar section. Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be anything very controvertial here. Emotion: smile
Hi Bugrates

Did your teacher ask you specifically to get input from native speakers of English?

Hi Bugrates,

Is there some reason why you can't try to do these yourself, before we tell you about them?

Trying by yourself first will help your English.

CliveEmotion: smile
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i know the best for me is doing that myself also i can do itbut my lecturer at universty ask me about the using of those sentences in daily life as a native sentences.the meaning of the sencentes may change between a native and aforeign speaker.i asked this i know i can do it myself thanks for all...

8-There is eager to be fty students in this class

'There is eager' makes no sense.

'Fty' is not a word.

You need a period at the end.

I can't correct it because I don't understand your meaning.

Is this what you want us to do for each sentence?


yes and a new sentences for using instead of that one.thank you
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