I'm french and I would like to get some advice with this text I wrote for my love who is an english speaking person.

I want to make sure the english is fluent and correct.



Have I ever taken you into one of my beautiful and mysterious time capsule?

Not yet? Get in! Because in my mind live these sweet memories of you and me…

How good it feels to be with you baby!

Ø Walking the streets of Montréal and discovering roads of Boca

Feeling your hart beats as I hold your hand
Ø Driving the highway to Orlando

Following you to magical destinations
Ø Chatting & talking about who we are

Thrilling to get to know you more and more
Ø Feeling distance as being dephasing

Relying on this timeless reality within:
It feels so right…

Ø When we look deeply in each other’s eyes

I am digging for endless beautiful motion of your soul and
Ø When you whisper your wishes of us to my ears

All my senses are wakening as never before and
Ø When we kiss passionately

You are raising this powerful electrifying energy and
Ø When we are making love with dedication

I discover your body with abandon
Ø Baby, I Hope these words will help us wait patiently

Cause crossing this lapse of time will bring you back to me
Miss you!
Hello Urso. I think s/he will love it just the way it is. Change hart to heart.

It must be not so bad ;-)