Hi guys,

I guess some of you knew me already since I've replied to some queries before. Anyway, if any of you guys need an online English teacher, I'm available. I'm currently filling up my schedule with some more students and I need a few more to complete the slots. Presently, I'm finishing my blog about what I can offer, such as courses and fees. I hope to finish it soon so you can scan through the details.

Regardless, if you have questions, just contact me on the details I provided on my profile.
Thanks! Have a good day.
I might be interested.
Hi there Mark,

I'm not yet finish with my blog, but it's already launched, so if you want, you may want to check it out to give you an idea of what I can offer. My blogsite and other contact details are on my profile, so please look it up.

Have a nice day:)