hi everyone .............................. iam too happy to write in this web at a first time

I will tell you a fact that ............ I really need a big halp because my writing and spelling are too bad and I want to improve my english

can you help me ....
..I feel sad Emotion: sad and angry Emotion: angry becaue nobody want to help me to improve my English .....
Well it helps if you ask a specific question that we can give you advice on - what are we supposed to say to a general plea for help? You'll find lots of general advice here already.

And it's not very nice to become angry because no one has had time to help you yet.
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thanks alot Emotion: smile

but I will have a writing exam tommore and I want to get agood mark in exam.,, A

I think if I ask help her I will be better and my writing will improve .

from this time, If you find any mastik tail my

First , we stady (discribe a graph ) and Ineed advaice to writing topic sentence and concluding sentence. can you give me example in this graphs

sorry for anger but I realy need helpEmotion: big smile


the graphs are.

As a general rule you could describe a graph by covering

what the graph shows (a title for it)

the dates and other data covered

the trends in the graph - does it go up/down/stable/what?

and perhaps why this is happening
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thanks nona

your comments is useful .........

and it realy help me to improve my writing .....

but can you give me an example of a topic sentenc to describe a graph shows the attendace at football matches in the UK given in thusands , between 1945 and 1995.

Hi Nonlight,

an opening sentence describing the graph could be

The graph shows the attendance, in thousands, at football matches in the between 1945 and 1995.

A title for the graph would be:

Graph of attendance at football matches between 1945 and 1995 (1000s)

I hope that is helpful,

- Nick
thanks for averyone help me

today morning I did the exam is good ( thank for Allah )

and I think I did good in it ........... I hope to get a good mark

really this forum will give me many thing because I need to write in english to improve writig If any one find any mistake in my writino write to me
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