I know it sounds corny but I really need help if any of you native English speakers can be kind and do me a favour, I'm gonna apply for a course which needs a well written assignment, I have done the assignment but it needs proofreading

I need a native English teacher to be kind enough and accept to proofread it for me please.

If you can do that, please contact me through my profile so that I can send you the text. it is just around 700 words.please please please. Thank you.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps someone will help you privately. I don't know.

But think about this. Do you think it might be wiser to let the course admission person see the real level of your English writing?

Thanks Clive but you got it wrong THEY need us to do that! It's written in the application form:

"When writing your essay, please make sure that you:
•Stay on-topic.
•List your sources (if any) in a bibliography section at the end of your essay and quote any passages that are reproduced verbatim.
•Proof read your essay."

I would never do such a thing if it were necessary for them to know the real level of my English.

FYI noone has offered any help yet! so the case is still open...please.
Thank you.
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The previous post is me, I think I forgot to write my name.
Thank again...
Hi again,

There's nothing in those instructions that say you should get someone else to proofread your essay.
They want to assess your level of English, and not someone else's.


It is so silly of me Emotion: smile I laughed alot! You are right, actually it is for the DELTA and as they are all professionals, I thought maybe they need us to get someone else to proofread it for us... It turned out no! but really no?? If no, then problem solved!:)

Thanks again. You are really a super veteran member!
Good luck.
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Good luck with the course!

Thank you so much!