these are movie review questions:

1. the man-woman relationship were usually underplayed for obvious reason during Shakespear time. what are those reason? in the Polanski's version of the play, the man-woman relationship is not so underplayed. describe Macbeth's relationship with his wife.

2. any production of shakespearean play necessarily involves interpretation. for instance, should the director show the dagger in the scene prededing Duncan's murder or should Banquo's ghost actually appear in the banquet scene, or should the director leave it to to the audience to imagine them as Macbeth does?
is the supernatural element stressed? according to Polanski who or what is responsible for Macbeth's action? why do you say so?

3. anyone know what happened in the end of the movie? could you explain to me?
You are joking aren't you? You can't even be bothered to watch the movie (let alone a stage version or read it) and you want us to do your homework for you?
Yeah Nona!! Good for you! [Emotion: party]