Hi to all,

can anybody write answers to these 3 situations below?it's about my homework and i want 3 people to answer whose Native Language is English

now I'll write the situations;

1:a friend of yours had promised you that you would meet at 13:00,but he didn't come.you waited for 2 hours and this made you really annoyed.you see that he's really sorry for that and you decided to forgive him by saying:

2:one of your students came to school without doing his homework.you know that he's an intelligent student and you want him to study so you say:

3:your girlfriend/boyfriend forgot your birthday.you are really annoyed with him/her and decided not to talk to her.however,the next day he/she comes with the latest album of your favourite band as a birthday present and begs you to accept his/her birthday present.you decide not to break your relationship so you forgive him/her by saying:

your answers will be carrying the speech act forgive,please write answer in just 2 or 3 sentences....also write your name&surname and your nationality
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Eren, welcome to the forums.

You have to try to write your answers first, okay? We can't do your homework for you.
Eren, is this a survey question, or is it your grammar homework? If it is your grammar homework, please read the book carefully and explain your doubts to us.
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Grammar Geek; but this is my homework,i need to ask these questions to 3 native speaker..
Well, honestly, I don't use the word "forgive" in conversation very often. I'm more likely to say "It's okay" or "I accept your apology." I feel like the word "forgive" sounds too much like church.

As for the second one, there's nothing to "forgive." He did himself a disservice, not you. I'd say "I know you can do better than this."
ok,i know i want too many things,but let me give sample answers;

1-Okay, since you didn't show up on time, it means you should have had something more important and I understand it; but we can still recoup what we've missed.

2-I understand that perhaps you were very busy of doing some other things that you couldn't spare some extra time to do your homework, it sounds acceptable only for this time. What I will suggest is you should do and bring me this homework tomorrow as all completed.

3-Well, yesterday was one of my worst days in my life although it should have been the happiest one. But today we can still make it a very happy day since you still remember and try to fit beautifully in one of my significant days of my life.

i want such answers.
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Yet you want to know what we would say in real life?

1. I was really pissed off! I waited for your for two hours, and you didn't even have the coutesy to call? I tried your cell like 20 times and I was really starting to get worried. Look, I know you're really sorry, but I'm still a little mad about it. Please don't do this to me again, okay? I had other things I could have been doing too, you know.

2. I know you can do better than this. I want to see the completed homework tomorrow, and know that it's going to have half a grade deducted for being late. (As I said before, this is not a "forgive" situation.)

3. Thanks, this is a great gift. It totally makes up for your forgetting my birthday yesterday. I got two celebrate twice instead.
thanks for help Grammar Geek,you really made a big favour Emotion: smile
can one more person write answers to these questions please?
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