Hi everybody,

I'm really confused in comparison.which of these sentences is correct ?
1- can I say that something is much more friendly than something

2- or I can say that something is much friendlier that something ?

please answer me as early as possibe
In my opinion, both sentences are correct (that is, if you meant to type "than" rather than "that" in sentence two). I think there's a rule that says "use er for short words, use 'more' for long words." For example, "mad>madder" and "lovable-->more lovable." However, this rule isn't really a grammar rule--it has more to do with the sound of the word. 'Crazy' and 'evil' are both two-syllable words but have different comparatives: crazier and more evil. And the word 'red' could go either way, depending on the sentence: redder or more red.
But there is one absolute rule I can tell you: NEVER use more and -er at the same time. "More redder" is never correct.
thanks alot Nestor,

is there any other suggestions about this issue ? I mean it sill looks complex.
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come on any other things , I'm waiting........
hitch hiker where are you ?
Just to make a little funny-funny...

If you're from the south, lol, it would sound right no matter what way you say it...but I too think both the sentences are correct. They sound correct anyway.