hi everybody.,...
i'm new her .... and I'm going to take IELTS exam next month and this is my 2nd time ..first time i didnt pass the exam i got 5.5 but i need to take band 6....
can you help me in how to get band 6.....and any one help me in graph writing????

please help me ....Emotion: crying

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IELTS help! Ask me, IELTS is my middle name.

So I take it that the writing part is your problem area. Did you take the academic or general training exam?

To move up from a 5.5 to a 6 is NOT a great difference.

give me 5 minutes and I'll post some tips on graph writing.

If you're sitting for the academic paper, when it comes to graph writing I would plan my essay as follows:

One sentence to introduce the illustartion.
One or two sentences that demonstrate the relationships between the data or show a trend.
More in-depth description of the data that expands your general statement.
One sentence to conclude your writing.

Use words like: rise, increase and grow to show an upward trend and words like: fall, decrease and decline to show a downward trend.

Use adverbs when writing about trends:

good examples are: rapidly, dramatically, sharply, moderately, steadily, gradually, slightly and slowly. For example, 'The numberople studying English in China fell dramatically from 1970 to 1976.

Any other advice, please ask.

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Thanks Chris for your tipes .....I will try them ... by the way
i took the academic one ... and really i need to get band 6....
if you have any other advice for the exam in general please say them .... or any tips for reading or listerng or speaking in IELTS exam ....

thanks again Chris

Star (*)
Star: I think you mean tips
Ops!!Emotion: embarrassed

My apology!! It was typing error Hitchhiker. Yes I mean "Tips" which are instructions and guidelines.
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Star, I would recommend buying the IELTS Specimen Materials Pack. It's not very expensive and a good way of testing yourself. It comes with a CD which has 'real' examples of speaking tests.
Thanks Chris...
i baught 5 IELTS kits and i did some practice from them..
Chris..... can you check my graph writing, please??????
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