Thank for read my post. It is very friendly of you! I need help.
Here is my motivation-letter. please tell me your opinion. Where are the mistakes?
What is bad? Thanks for every post!!
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Dear Sir/Madam,

In the knowledge that you permanently looking for capable and motivated young engineers, I was very happy to hear by a talk with Mr. *** about the possibility an internship position at Japan. I am interest in the areas science of flow and thermodynamics in the range of the vehicle technology. Your company have a very good reputation in this field. This is the reason, that I am very impress from your company and I would be very interested to working for your enterprise. I believe I could be a valuable member of your team with creative ideas and good skills. So I would like to apply for an internship position at Japan of August until February. I would very appreciate it to work for Japan. At present I study mechanical engineering at the University. You will see that I have already worked as car mechanic with all appropriate training courses. Moreover I completed training as mechanical technicians. During several work experience, internships and my study I gained valuable experience in a number of fields such as
? basic knowledge of the vehicle technology
? basic knowledge of mechanical engineering
I will be finishing my fifth semester next July and as my interests are based in Fluid-flow machines and piston engines. You would be gaining a capable and motivated member of your team who is willing to work hard, flexible and eager to develop his skills.
I expect from an internship position a very good knowledge of the Japanese working sphere, economics world and the culture. Moreover I want to deepen my skills and practical ability, to fill my missing necessary knowledge and to improve my language skill.
I would be happy to present some of the skills I gained. Please find my resume attached for your consideration. Please e-Mail me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime, thank you for your time and attention.
Yours sincerely,

My interest in an internship position at Japan

During my an internship at an aid organization, where I had contact to people from all over the world, I already cherished the desire to go to Japan for some time. The practical training semester provides a good possibility for me to deepen my passion for Japan and perhaps to see my native country from another viewpoint for some time. The technological progress of the last decades has made it easier to create a worldwide economical and technological network of all states. For this reason it is not sufficient to have knowledge of the "local" industry and market situation. Nowadays one must try to obtain a global view and orientate oneself at the worldwide economical and technical standards. The Japanese economics grows so good, that not only the Asian area was affected by the Japanese technology, but also the worldwide economy. You can see this on the world exhibition at Aichi, this year. Where Japan presents it the highest and newest develop technology. The interest for more cooperation between Japan and Germany started to grow. One sign is the Germany year in Japan, with many exhibitions about German culture and way of life. Through that grows the hope that Germany will be one of the most important trade partners of Japan, beside America and China. During my internship I learned to know the Japanese culture. This culture with friendly and open mindedness people impress me very much. Since this time, I preserved even more a desire for Japan. These are my reasons that I think Japan is the best place to complete my practical training semester. An internship at Japan gives me a good change to learn and to see more about the Japanese newest technology, economics and the culture.

My personal preparings
At present I am preparing for my practical training semester with books about the culture of Japan. Moreover I will try to take first steps in Japan language for better understanding. After a language courses I have already knowledge of the English language also basic knowledge of Korean and Spanish language. Additionally of my study I visited a regional course about Japan, China and South Korea at the University.
thiss iss long story sorry
This puts your points across quite well. You have a few problems with your English but as you are going to be using Japanese there, and have stated your intention to learn that language, it may not matter all that much. If you want to improve the English you need to go through and concentrate on checking your verbs.