PLease Please Help me with this 1 page article,, I tried to rephrase it but couldn't can any one help me rephrasing this 1 page article.. I'm doing a research paper and want someone to help me with this part ..

I would really really appreciate his/her help.

I will send the file to his/her email, if he/she willing to help me.

My email: email removed.

P.S. English is my second language.

Plzzzzz Reply ASAP.
Why don't you post your article, guest?
I would really prefer send the article through email ,,,
why don't you send me an email to (( )) and I'll reply with document attached,

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I really prefer sending the document through email,, would you please send me en empty email to my email address (( email removed. mod.)) and I will reply with the document attached.

Thnx alot.
Hi fahadi

Can you scan the document into your computer, and copy and paste to the site? If you want to publically show your email, you can do so on your profile page. Emotion: smile
Sorry fahadi. I have deleted your post as it was by a different author and I don't think you had permission to post it.
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Emotion: sad Emotion: sad I just wanted someone`s help with my paper, I wasn't going to use his/her exact words,, I just wanted someone here to help me rephrase the article and write it in my research paper with refering it to the author's article... but thanks any ways
fahadi - if you want to post your attempt, we'll be happy to help.