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he letter E
can you help me to solve a riddles?.....

1. what animal in the world has breath the lipis bouce?
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easy its E
There is a Bus with 7 girls.

Each girl has 7 Bags.

In each bag,there is 7 big cats.

Each big cat has 7 little cats.

Each cat has 7 legs.

Question: How many legs are present in the bus.
Ha! I got that e-mail and successfully opened the spreadsheet to add my name. Oh, no, actually, in my version, the cats had the normal number of legs. And apparently, there was no bus driver.

7 girls x 2 legs

each girl has 7 bags, so 49 bags

each bag has 7 big cats = 49 bags x 7 big cats x 7 legs

each big cat had 7 little cats 49 bags x 7 big cats x 7 little cats x 7 legs

now multiply and add.
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the letter E
The letter E
the letter e
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