Hello everybody!

I will have an article published in a medical journal and the editor asked me to eliminate 3 figures fom my paper (froma total of 7). I would like to know if it is correct to say the following:

Figures 3, 6 and 7 were eliminated from the article. Figures 1 and 2 were maintained. Figure 4 has been renumbered “Figure 3” and Figure 5 has been renumbered “Figure 4”.

I look forward to hearing from you!

As far as I understand what you wish to know,

You shouldn't use "maintain" in a meaning "to leave", "to remain". Better use leave as "were left". Moreover, you should use "to" when saying "something has been renumbered to something". I'm not sure about the validity of "to" though.

However, secrets remain unanswered. Is your editor english? Are you english? Did you write the paper in english? Then are you sure it does not contain mistakes too?Emotion: smile If it's not english, why do you suddenly feel the need to address your editor in this language?
...are you sure about using "to" with renumbered? You wouldn't use it with numbered.

Also, what about "retained" or even the lowly "kept" instead of "left"?

I don't like "eliminated" either, I would simply say the diagrams were removed from the piece.

...but that's just my opinion.

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