Hello. I really need help with the following riddles. So I hope that someone is able to solve them.

1 - A word I know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one, and twelve is what remains

2 - Tom's mom had four kids: Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and what is the fourth?

3 - What English word starting with B has three consecutive double letters?

1 2
number one is thirteen

number two is dollar

nuber three is
1- dozens (12-1 = 11)

2- Tom

3- for this one I'm not sure enough to answer..
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Hi all

1 is Dozens ( remove "s") to leave Dozen =12

2 Tom

3 Bookkeeper
Eargasms is the only one who has all of them correct.. well done.. i'm really surprised with some members on this forum.. I wish I had teh ability to see through these riddlesEmotion: big smile

Excellent answers, Eargasms.
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The answer to #2 is Tom
Good work Eargasms.

Anon. this riddle is already answered...


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