I've some questions here, I hope someone can help me.

Please choose the best answer from the four options for all spaces.

a) Teenagers find it difficult to stand alone. They need to be in a group and follow what its members do. They do not understand that peer pressure can be dangerous. Peer pressure may hurt them and keep them from doing what is right. It may even interfere with their life. All they want to do is to conform ____(1) the way their group thinks, feels, behaves and speaks.

1) A. to B. by C. from D. with

b) ...Recognise the fact that they are under the same peer pressure that you feel. They are tempted to take drugs or smoke or drink for the same reason - simply because they are afraid to be different. You must know it is better to show that you have confidence in yourself when the pressure is ____(2). You can say, "If you guys want to do something crazy, go ahead. But I think it is stupid."

A. great. B. greater C. greatest D. more great

My answer for question (a) is D, but as far as I'm concerned, both 'conform to' and 'conform with' are acceptable, although the former one is more often used, but that doesn't mean it's wrong, right? By the way, the answer given is A.

My answer for question (b) is A. But the answer is C. I believe the answer is wrong. If it is not, can anyone please explain to me why it's 'greatest'?

Thanks in advance.
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May I know why the answer for the second question is 'greatest'?
Only because we normally measure our abilities against the greatest challenges that confront us.
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