I need to create some sentences for my homework. I tried to do but I think there are some errors. I need your helps here. Please tell me where I did errors and fiw them. But please don't forget, I want to learn.

My sentence is above:

I just need a few time to make all ended and to be perished.

I think that you can understand what I mean. But I'll try to explain that anyway.

  • Everything is going to end. Everything is going to be bad.

  • I am going to perish. I want to perish Emotion: smile

  • I want theese thing. But I need time. Just time.
Sorry for my English. But I'm learning it. Please fix my errors. And I need another sentences like that one. 2 or 3 sentences are enough.

Thanks. Good days.
I made a comment on the same question posted in a different thread. Did you post twice?
Wow! this is heavy! If I had to guess the meaning of your sentence, it's the rather disturbing kind. Why would you want to perish and end everything?
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Haha. Trust me, I don't want to perish. That's only a sentence. Emotion: smile
Can you correct please? Emotion: smile

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Yes sorry, it was an error. Emotion: sad