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The Meaning of Goals
What does a goal mean? A goal defines a condition towards which effort is directed. However, it is not clear. Shous Ajam, author of Management- The Life Wizard, describes a goal as a systematic process to think of anything you want and ultimately acquire it. Because of this, I personally believe that a goal is a wish of achieving something. In addition, achieving a goal depends in how much effort and dedication you put from your own into it. Goals can vary so differently, so a good idea is to break them down in three terms of time: long-term goals, intermediate- term goals, and short-term goals.

First, long-term goals are those that can be hard to achieve because they tend to require a large amount of time. These goals will not happen quickly, despite how hard you work to accomplish them. Long- term goals are simply a description of what you want for yourself in the future -- say about three to five years out. As a result, you have to give yourself a reasonable amount of time based in your best effort that it will take to accomplish them. For example, complete an Associate Degree in Psychology.

Second, intermediate-term goals are those that will not happen quickly, but may not take too many years to accomplish. These goals usually can be accomplished in one to three years in the future and are one of the most important keys to achieving your long-term goals. For example, if you want to be an efficient physician, a necessary intermediate goal will be getting into a medical school first.

Finally, short-term goals are those that take a short time to realize. These are easily to accomplish because you do not need to spend too many years in order to achieve them. For example, improve my writing skills. Short-term goals are steps towards your intermediate- term goals. This means that if you want to accomplish your intermediate-term goals, you have to break them down into smaller pieces of short-term goals. For example, getting into a medical school requires a high-grade average.

A goal is a process to think of anything you want and ultimately acquire it. Some goals can be achieved quickly--short-term goals. Moreover, another goals will not happen quickly, but might not take a lifetime to accomplish them-- intermediate goals. Finally, other goals will take many years to realize them--long-term goals. No matter what your goal is, you have to work hard to achieve the results you desire.


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