I have a final exam next week.

My teachers suggested to learn us some words that can be useful for an essay..

for example.. conjuctions is one of the most important for an essay..
Not only but also
In addition
In this respect
As a result..

Please could you suggest me some words to use in an essay..
I need some words that is unusual and interesting..

also, I will look for some essay examples about media,technology,education..
Hi hiperaktif,

I doubt memorizing words in the last minute is going to help you much. (It never helped me) How about posting an essay in the writing world so we can see what you need help with?
in exam, some subject will be given us to select one of them..
it will be suprizeEmotion: smile

but, I am looking for general words for any essay..

quality words to write any essay
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there are a lot
here are some of them
for adding, also, besides, further, in the same way, likewise, moreover, similarly
for contrasting, at any rate, however, in spite of that, instead, nevertheless, on the other hand, otherwise
cause/effect, as a result, in conclusion, for this reason, to conclude
expressing opinion, actually, apparently, certainly, undoubtedly
for summarizing, briefly, in a word, in short, to summarize
indicating sequence of time, afterwards, nowadays, soon, later, then, in the future..

and some more, although, and yet, since, accordingly, for instance, to sum up, to illustrate, despite, therefore

hope that helps and good luck for your exam!!
thank you alot alotEmotion: smile

(If you can give some nauns and verbs to use in my essay , I will be happy again
Hi hiperaktif,

I still don't know how these words can help you. Writing is more than stringing unusual words together. There's something to be said for the whole essay being more than the sum of its words (or sentences, for that matter).

Perhaps others have a different opinion on this.
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How can anyone give you a list of nouns and verbs to use in an essay?

Elephant, morose, handkerchief, fly, skateboard, wistfulness, ring, wash, devour! Will they be relevant to your essay?

Exam nerves are awful, we know, but asking us for strings of words really will not help you. You would be better of following julielai's suggestion and putting some essays on here for practical help with any grammar problems.