I read this sentence in an Indian short story. Is it natural English?

(man to his friend)

Please stop the car at some restaurant nearby. I need to pee really hard.



Mr. Tom(man to his friend)

For these kinds of things it's important to know the social class of the men in the story. The natural sentence could be anything from "I've really got to take a p*ss" to "I really need to get to a restroom soon", with all kinds of other ways of saying it in between. In the US I don't hear "pee" used much except by children (but then maybe I'm leading a sheltered life).

As an American, "really hard" isn't natural to me in that context, though "really badly" works all right.


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Mr. TomPlease stop the car at some restaurant nearby.

This is a bit wordy. I would replace that with soon.

Mr. TomI need to pee really hard.

This is understandable but strange. In the UK wee 2. verb https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/wee is generally used. I really need to wee or I'm desperate for a wee would be more natural ways to put it.

I would say, 'I need to answer the call of nature'.