Emotion: smile Hi All Emotion: smile

I am irresoluting from myself ..i thought that i am good at english and when i joined the college and it's called the "The RKWC" in The United Arab Emirates, i found it difficult .. i donno y... [:^)] i was scaring day by day from the failing.. i felt before the listening exam that i will got F grade and this is really what happened, i felt very sad Emotion: sad . I am trying now to listen to the english songs and also to watch the english movies...i feel interesting to learn english with these ways... i want to prove to my family and to my teachers that i am not bad at english and i can be a successful person because i really like to learn it..but i am lazy most of the week Emotion: super angry and i hate this thing i don't want to be as what i am .. i want to be[Y]at english..
my sister told me that she found me the best oneEmotion: big smile and my feeling was like the bird.. i was flying because i was very very happy Emotion: smile .. it means i am not the worst one at english as what i thought ..

So .. now Emotion: geeked i want from the all members to give me some advices to improve my ways in Listening, reading, writing and speaking English.. and that's all Emotion: smile

From ur little sister Asma (E)
Hello Asma, and welcome. It is always difficult to learn a new language, especially when it is so very different from your own. Keep writing in, and asking questions, and above all keep trying to speak English. [Y]
Hi, asma.i think listen to the english songs and watch the english movies is a good way to improve the listening comprehension, in order to enjoy the songs, you also have to know exactely the meaning of the words, that is to say, you have to recite it. for me , it is not only a way to train your memory, but also a method to improve the capacity of listening and speaking.