Hi, I have a question, could you help me please?

What would you say if someone posts superfluous words in forum, it seems as they
"pour water" in forum..... I want to know how to say this using one word or phrase in English.

Thanks and Wishes!
If there are many superfluous words you could say they 'swamp' or 'inundate' or 'flood' the forum with ......... These words are all used to describe the action of liquids. There are many other similar words, for example 'overwhelm'.
I hope this addresses your question without too many superfluous words. Emotion: smile
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I believe "flood" is the metaphor you're looking for.

They flood the forum with useless information.

Edit: Beat to the punch by Mr.Mike.
Edit: He he, from Japan Emotion: smile
Thank two warmhearted moderators and the helper who modified my mistakes in last posts,
thank you all, my english is so poor , i will improve faster with your help!

Is it superfluous words? he he
Are they superfluous words? Not at all!
Thanks for the thanks Emotion: smile
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