Hi Everybody,please help me to check whole sentences that are coorect or not,if they're not coorect please suggest me to correct them.

Very very Thank you.

  1. No one know why woman or the elderly are more like to suffer painless heart attacks.
  2. The goals of our program is to prepare our graduates to pursue careers as independent scientists.
  3. Meditation has much mental health benefits as it reduces anxiety and depression.
  4. He was told that there a lot of space in the margin which he could write his comments.
  5. I have to go to the immigration office, or I would rather spend the day at the beach.
  6. Fast-food restaurants have been established in mostly every country in the world.
  7. In Japan , politeness is extreme important and the Japanese language has many polite forms.
  8. Ideas may be conveyed from one person to another by suggestion, which may be positive for negative.
  9. While I am talking a walk in my neighborhood , I saw May ranking up the winter deadfall from her yard.
  10. Thai People are brought up to believe that it is the children’s duty to care of their parents in their old age.
  11. Among the five laptops test, the HP computer contained the highest levels of toxic substances.
  12. The first animals to fly were insect , fossil dragonflies have been found in rocks more than 300 years old
  13. Pictures showing the brutality of war were shown to people over all the world on the nightly news
1. "women" - use plural to match "the elderly" & "are more LIKELY"

2. The goals of our program ARE - use plural verb with plural subject

3. MANY benefits - "Much" is for stuff; "many" is for things you can count.

4. there IS a lot of space (missing verb in clause) & IN which he could write (or) WHERE he could write

5. (wrong choice of conjunctions) use "but" instead of "or"

6. in ALMOST every country

7. is EXTREMELY important (use adverb form to modify predicate adjective)

8. positive OR negative (conjunction)

9. While I WAS TAKING a walk (past tense to match "saw") & RAKING (wrong words - "talking" for "taking" and "ranking" for "raking")

10. to care FOR their parents

11. five LAPTOP TESTS ("tests" is a noun - object of the preposition - and is plural because there are five. "Laptop" is an adjective in this case and doesn't have to agree. It could be a noun if used alone, like "Five laptops were found to be defective.")

12. INSECTS (plural to agree with animals) & I think "fossilized" is the better adjective & I'd suggest using two separate sentences: "insects. Fossilized" & a period at the end

13. I think this is okay. It needs a period at the end.

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Thank You,Avangi.
Hi, sorry I missed this.

In number one, it should be "no one KNOWS", using the singular verb form with the singular noun. I saw it but forgot to write it down. (If I used the colors like I'm supposed to I wouldn't have missed it.) Hope it didn't cause you any problems.

Hi, sorry I missed this: In number one it should be "No one KNOWS", using singular verb form with singular noun.

In number thirteen, there's nothing wrong with "over all the world", but people usually say, "all over the world."

- A.
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