this is my very own poem .. and i want to know how people like it or not ..
sooo here goes

when you touch me
feeling cold i shiver
when you talk to me
like a flower i quiver

is it love?
i asked you that night
cuz' if it was
id loved u with all my might

i frankly told
what my heart had for you
i was sure
for you it would be something new

no, it wasnt love
that kept us together
you took me as a friend
who will stay forever

nabz --
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I don't think the last verse finishes the way I would have liked it to. Emotion: crying
wow! its nice i like it.
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well thats really invigourating .. id better continue writing poems now
maj i usually rite sad poems .. not that ive suffered or anything but i thnk it brings out todays truth
Wow!! I really love sad poetries.
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well mystical i would post my other poems cuz all of them are SAD but i have to b careful about who reads it .. dont want my writing going to a waste when someone else uses it as THEIR material .. so u get it .. speaking about A levels .. well i wouldnt be doing it as it is not so essential .. ill b heading straight for bachelors of business administration OR bachelors of fashion design .. two different topics but i havent made up my mind as yet .. but hey .. good luck
hey, why don't you post them, I'd love to read them?
well as i said i have to be careful posting my poems so until then ill keep it to my self .. when i have written a lot .. ill post a few here .. so try to understand my situation as i have been cheated b4 in these cases (my poems).
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