I`m quite confused and I need some help with this:

Fill in the blanks with one suitable word:
The week began when we all congregated(1)... 3:30 pm on Range Road car park,ready, anticipating for(2)... long bus trip(3)... awaited us. (4)... quick goodbuyes to our parents,loved(5)...etc,the joirney began. The time passed quickly (6) ...account of the videos kindly donated(7)...various pupils. The journey finally ended at the Hotel Soleil where we (8)...met by a disturbing sight. (9)... was no snow, except on the cap of the mountains.

1-at; 2-our; 3-that or which; 4-gave; 5-them; 6-on the; 7-to; 8-were; 9-there.
I`m not sure if this is correct.Can you help me?
Thank you!
I'm afraid there are 5 mistakes, Anon.

Would you like to try again?

(Other users are requested not to provide direct answers, as this is a test of some kind.)

Best wishes,

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I do not know what else to write,that is why I asked for help.Thank you .
Hello Anon,

Some clues:

For blank #4, you've put "gave". It's quite unusual to start an ordinary statement with a verb, in English; usually there would be a noun or pronoun before the verb. As there's only one space, however, this isn't possible, in your example.

Can you think of some other part of speech that could precede a noun?

For blank #5, you've put "them". This doesn't work, because "love" usually expresses a state, not an action.

One clue is the word "etc.": this often ends a list. You already have "parents" in the list; so you want a blank that goes with "loved", and which (together with "loved") means "someone you would say goodbye to, before a journey".

Best wishes,