Ooooh, good day, but bad day for me...

During 2 days Justine she is gone! I look everywhere but I not find her!

Is it that someone can to give me ideas to search her? I go and search, but i need of help...

I not eat during 2 days, and not sleep also...
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Where did you last see Justine, Threepod?

Was she in her hutch?

I think I saw her hiding under her bed because she had seen a terrible spider.
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I think we can safely assume that the spider was equally terrified.

It`s interesting for me... If 3P will not find Justine will he survive and will he find any other issue to speak of?
Noooo, no hutch!

i looked in the dictionnary because that i know not hutch, it is a cage? but Justine she never is a cage, her cage is my pocket.

No, i had dress her with the nice things for ice, and she run, and she is out and it makes dark and i not find Justine? And she not come to our home after...

Aah, MyPd, i thank you for the nice things for ice, that was a good idee, and Justine she looked in the mirroir and she smile, she is very coquette, you know?

But now i have only the nice things for ice and not Justine...
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Hey threepod

I don't want to be harsh, but this is not the end of the world. Do you have something else in life than Justine?
hiiiiiiii everybody

my advice for you threepod is,

go and eat all food in your kitchen and have cup of coffee [C] .

you have to eat you will die then what will happen to Justine???


Calm down, Threepod, maybe she's just having a little holiday?
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