I am Flory from Romania and i am having right now a bit of a problem with understanding those stative verbs that are rarely used in present continuous form.
For example can somebody tell me when can i say "I notice" and when can I say "I am noticing".
Thank you in advance for your answers it will truly help me.
In my opinion, "I am noticing" is not always wrong. In suitable contexts, it can be used to give a stronger sense of regular ongoing activity, as in "These days, I'm noticing it more and more".

Other times, "noticing" is not appropriate. For example, you might say "I notice that you've cut your hand", but you wouldn't say "I'm noticing that you've cut your hand". This is because you notice it once, not over and over again.
Well to me "notice" is stative and I couldn't think of a continuous example, nor a correct imperative use, so I did a search and all the examples I have seen seem to be a misuse and should be "I have just noticed", not "I am noticing".
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Thank you very much but unfortunately I am still having trouble recognising when is a verb dynamic or stative. Maybe in time and with a little bit more practice i will understand.
Until then i am just getting angry Emotion: smile))