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I need to pass check point 4 and I'm struggling with the tasks 8 9 and 10. I would thank you so much for your help!!! I'm risking to fail the 60 hours tefl course because of it!!!


The most popular gambling city in America and perhaps the world is Las Vegas. Located in the middle of the Western desert, this city is a unique place where the main attractions are the many casinos with their non-stop gambling machines and nightclub entertainment.
The gambling covers a wide range of games from roulette to slot machines and black jack. The foreboding element and danger of risk is ever present. A person may lose a little over a long period of time or a great deal all at once. Such is the uncertainty of gambling. A careful gambler will never lose more than he could afford and a lucky gambler may walk home with a jackpot. Most would be happy if they just broke out even.
When one tires of these games of chance, the gambler may enjoy the many nightclubs which are part of the casinos. Featuring some of the nation's most famed entertainers, they provide a necessary distraction and offer a moment of relief from the tensions of the gambling tables. For those who may have suffered great financial losses, they offer temporary consolation before the long trip home.
If one cannot afford to travel out West, then there is a gambling center in the eastern part of America which offers a similar outlet to those who wish to try their luck with fate. The East Coast "Las Vegas" is located at Atlantic City in New Jersey. Instead of being located in the desert, it is found on the windswept white sandy beaches of the great Atlantic Ocean.
Often in the streets which feed into the gambling districts, there are many pawn shops for those who have sold their earthly possessions to wager a bet or who need money to compensate for their losses.
In recent years the popularity of gambling once confined to Las Vegas and Atlantic City has extended to other states especially along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Following suit several other states have chosen to legalize casino gambling with the hope of acquiring revenue to fund domestic programs. The once pristine and secluded beaches in many southern states are now alive with the lights and lure of the casinos. These casinos have begun to attract many gamblers worldwide to their shores.
Although the excitement of gambling can provide much fun, it's possible to lose a great amount of money at the casinos and some people often do. There is a growing fear among some people that gambling can be a social disorder which breaks up families and lives. If someone feels they are a compulsive gambler, they are advised to seek help through Gamblers Anonymous.

8.A teacher has planned the following sequence of reading activities for this text:

1. Give students 15 mins to read the text.
2. Ask them gist questions in open class.
3. Ask them detailed questions and give them 5 mins to discuss the answers in pairs.
4. Elicit answers to the detailed questions.

Why is this sequence incorrect? Please correct it and give brief reasons for your corrections. Refer to the stages of a listening and reading lesson in module 9 bearing in mind that this is a reading lesson. (Note that the reading stage of the lesson is the only focus here; do not mention any pre-reading or post-reading activities). Write about 100 words.

This is what my tutor wrote: Please look at the sequence of stages of a reading lesson in module 10 and try again. What I would like you to do this time is simply write a plan of activities for the reading stage of the lesson, step by step, without any explanations. I need to be clear on what the steps are, in what order they come and how long each step takes.


What follow-up activities could you use? Please mention at least 3.

Here's the feedback: Think of some ideas for interactive tasks for the classroom to follow the reading. For example, a couple of questions for discussion or scenarios for role-plays.


Choose a song and think of 1 or 2 ideas how you could use it in a lesson with adult students. Include the relevant lyrics and explain what language point(s) or skill(s), in addition to listening, your students can practise with the help of the song and how they can practise them. What level of learner would you use the song for? Remember that it is a listening lesson, so they need to listen to the song at some point rather than simply read the lyrics. (Write 1 00-150 words apart from the song lyrics)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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