Hi everyoneEmotion: smile I am curently doing an online tefl course but i cant get my head around this grammar question Emotion: sad Emotion: crying Any help would be appreciated.
I have got to show the form of each of the following sentences:

She used to have long hair;
I was having a bath when the phone rang;
I wish I had worked harder.

The example given is as follows:
You should have worked harder.
The form is: should + have + past participle form ofthe verb.

I cannot find anything similar in my grammar books and I just don't see what to do from that one example. I am completely stuck! Any help would be greatly appreciated!Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
Hello Josh, welcome to English Forums!

I think you have to break down the verbal structures into auxiliary verbs + part of main verb, e.g.

I was having a bath
= was + present participle

when the phone rang
= simple past tense

Would something like: "used + infinitive form of the verb" make sense for the first one?
And "Imperfect form of the verb + when + past participle form of the verb"?
Don't take my word for this, by any means, just putting forward a suggestion.
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