I am writting to ask if the following is the common mistake or it is normally used in English. the sentence is as follows.

'Me and my friends play soccer all the time. '

In the above sentence me is used as a subject. Isn't it wrong?

I think I should be used instead because if we omit my friends we would have 'me play soccer all the time' which is wrong.

I see the use of me in these context alot. Is there any particlar reason for such mistake.

Thanks for yor explanation

It's commonly said, but it marks the speaker as lacking in education.

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Thanks Clive. So I had the right impression about it.
ME AND MY FRIENDS PLAY SOCCER ALL THE TIME is grammatically wrong because ME is not used as the subject of a sentence. It must be I. But in spoken English ME is used as the subject of the sentence. Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary contains these two sentences:

Me and Ben should sort this out man to man.

Me and my friends are out ten thousand dollars, with nothing to show for it!