could you please help me? I don't know which one is correct:

1.) "I versus him" or 2.) "me versus him"?

The 2nd one sounds more familiar to me and people obviously use it (like I found out thanks to google Emotion: big smile) but I think that 1st pronoun is the subject here, so shouldn't be there "I"?

Thanks for your advice!
You're right. I'm afraid no rule or logic will help you here. Popular usage demands an objective subject, "It is me vs. him."

Next year I'm planing to start a popular revolt, demanding a subjective object as well: "It is me vs. he." Hey, it rhymes!

Meantime, "It is me vs. him" will continue to be the correct usage. People who refuse to conform, do so at their own peril.
Haha, O.K., I will second that! [Y] This revolt will be legendary... No doubt people will love it, especially when it rhymes! Emotion: big smile

Any helpmate needed? Emotion: wink
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Hi ,,

Just a brief Rule ,,,Don't use Subject pronoun and object pronoun togother , if there is no preposition !!

e.i ,, She and me. : It's incorrect .

She and I: Correct form .

but ,, If there is a preposition !! you must use a Subject pronoun with an Object pronoun !!

She dances with I : wrong
She dances with me : correct

Emotion: winkEmotion: wink
Junta-104 If there is a preposition !! you must use a Subject pronoun with an Object pronoun !!

She dance with I : wrong
She dance with me : correct
According to this rule we must say, "It is I against him and her, " and not "It is me against him."

I prefer to use this first version, but correct current usage seems to be "It is me."


She dances with him and me.
Avangi ,,,

Emotion: big smile I forgot the lettre (s) Thanks for your mention

My regards
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Sorry. I know this whole issue is a big pain in the tush!

I think this proves the old adage, "The exception proves the rule."

Best wishes.
Great rule, but isn't "versus" a preposition? Like "against" or... something...

According to this rule there really should be "I versus him" not "me" but like Avangi said, popular usage demands an objective subject "it is me..."

How it seems to me, it's kind of dilema, because "I" really is a subject and "versus" really is a preposition, but when you say it, it sounds wrong (since it's not popular usage)
oops, I was replying to Junta's first post and now there's a whole conversation above my comment now Emotion: surprise
Shame on you my damn slow computer...!!! Emotion: big smile
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