i'm new member here and i found this great forums in google and i like it very much becuase its will help me for my studying english and meet you

so my question is >.....

whats present parfect ?

and when we use it and why?

and whats the defferent between it and present tense?

i need to know everything about it....

so, if you could help me in my presentation...

and thanks to all

i really need your help....

thx again

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The present perfect tense is formed with the present tense of have + the past participle: worked, done, seen etc.

Affirmative: I have worked
Negative: I haven't/have not worked
Interrogative: Have I worked?/ has he not worked?
Unfortuantely, I don't have the time to explain why and when we use it since I'm in a haste and, moreover, it's not that simple. However, there are lots of posts that have something to do with present perfect and the other tenses as well. I suggest that you search " present perfect" as a key word. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who are willing and who have time to explain it, so just wait and get know with the site better.
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like you said i will wait for other relpy

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Sweet_babythanks my dear Zerox

like you said i will wait for other relpy

thx again

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I suggest you buy a grammar book.
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thanks for all your reply

i 'm trying the best to have the ability to study english so hard....

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