What does the bold mean?

Peter: I don't think I'm in the right place. I'm looking for a guy to entertain the kids at my son's birthday.
Man: Sure. I can do that.
Peter: You do children's parties?
Man: Yeah. I can do, like, a handstand, and some somersaults maybe. I can make pretend like the children are little bugs in my web.

Tara2I can make pretend like the children are little bugs in my web.

By the way, the standard English for this is

I can pretend that the children are ....


Tara2What does the bold mean?

The writers had him say that to underscore his unsuitability as an entertainer of children. He thinks that pretending to be a spider preparing to suck the life out of the children will entertain them, but it is guaranteed to frighten them. The man is revealed as a lying weirdo.

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So is 'bug' like 'spider', what does 'web' mean?

Tara2So is 'bug' like 'spider', what does 'web' mean?

No, a bug is what spiders eat. "Bug" is a layman's umbrella term for all the small, legged terrestrial invertebrates like flies, ticks, lice, etc. The term "bug" would normally include spiders, but here we set them apart as eaters of bugs. Spiders weave webs of sticky silk to catch bugs.

No spiders where you live? My wife wants to move there.

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Here we have spiders too Emotion: smile