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When I was yong, I hate to be a female. I dislike girls's crying for nothing. I prefer to run out to play with pals. I'd like to play manly games such as fight. I even like to wear like a boy. When the menstrual cycle first befell me, I suffered more. I kept thinking, wishing to be a male next life. However, everyone knows it is a dream never can become true.After falling in love, I grandually become like to dress up. Maybe, that is because woman wants to looks beautiful before her lovers. Before attending the university, I always had my hair cut short like the boys do. However, I decided to make it longer like the other girls. I started dressing skirts, which never happened before, although I had a slim figure. It seems to be strange that I like to be born a woman. I started pay much attention on my appearance. I consider to be born a woman is fatastic. First, people design diversities of garments to us. When go shopping, we have more choices than men. Secondly, we enjoy more care from husband or boyfriend. Finally, in camparison with men, we undertake less pressure from society. A woman can stay at home as a housewife. For a man, he is considered to be unsuccessful and useless. This is my opinion about pros and cons to be born a woman.
can u help me I am trying to find out the Advantages and disadvantages for meeting females?e
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