Please anybody help me. My techer assigned my class a project, and essentially she wants to know whether we think it would have been an advantage or a disadvantage to be born the opposite sex.

I have come up with pros and cons to being born a woman, because I am male.


~ The Reward of child birth and being able to spend time with your child after birth.

~ Women act as the "CrazyGlue" that keeps a family standing strong.

~ Everybody LOVES them because you can dress them up so cute. (Grandma's suggestion)


~Women have the unfortunate pleasure of her menstrual cycle every month.

~ The Pain of Childbirth

~ Expected to work all day, come home and do house work.

~ Maternity Leave may cost a woman her Job.

Again, any and all sugestions are welcomed.


Geoffrey J. L.
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As a woman I should be able to think of more advantages, but for now here are some disadvantages:
~Not being taken seriously in car dealerships/auto repair places/other traditionally "male" environs;
~Being expected to be the caregiver to mate, children, parents, at the same time as making a mark in a career;
~Pressure of living up to the models of feminine looks our culture presents to us everyday in media;
Hi I'm an italian woman. I want to add that we always need to find a toilet, for men a tree is enough!

I think it isn't a good information for your project but believe me: I would be a man only for this! Excuse me for my bad english, bye bye

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I thank you both for your generous contributions, and i will definately use as many of them as possible.


Geoffrey, J,L.

Being viewed upon as a doll (more often) rather than a human being.


Not having mustache and beard on face!!!

Being viewed upon as a doll (more often) rather than a human being.


Not having mustache and beard on face!!!

Ok, but unfortunately we have legs hair and it isn't good when you want to go swimming!
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  • People (in particular, females) feel more at ease around women. For example, you're walking in the street alone in the middle of the night, and you can hear the sound of footsteps a few metres behind you. Would you rather that were a man or a woman?

  • People tend to trust women more with their children. Kindergarten teachers are usually, if not always, female.

We live longer.
hey cobra Emotion: smile

no one takes you seriously coz you're smaller than all the guys & you got a high voice. it sure aint funny.

aint funny neither when you gotta drive them home & they think they're being SOOO hilarious.

you take care now

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