I have an article.Recently I sent this article to an ezine editor and he almost deleted my membership saying my article is full of grammamtical errors and doesn't have spaces after a comma or a period.Will u please take a look at my article?Emotion: embarrassed
Following is the article:

Your first step towards successful online business is: A website

To become a successful businessman, you need a website.

But you also need a website even if you are not a business-freak or just an easy-going person.

Why is website useful?

Your online friends can meet you as and when they wish, without facing any difficulty. You too can contact them whenever you want.

You can easily make new friends

You will see that as soon as you invite a few friends to your site, they will in turn invite a few others.

This way, the number of friends visiting your website will increase, and so, will increase your traffic. You will be able to build an online community.

When you see your website has 5000 exposures per month, you can contact reputed businessmen and webmasters to advertise with you! They will be more than happy to advertise in your site.

Just what you started as just a ‘Friends’club’transformed into a Goldmine for you. You can now be assured of a regular income from your advertisement even when you are sleeping!

It is through this outlined process that Yahoo! was built!

When you have the potential, why lie idle?

Second point is that, if you think you don’t have enough cash to pay for web hosting, you can get it for free! I know there are a lot of free hosts out there but the most superior among them is Bravenet.Bravenet has a member base of about 6,834,622.

See what others are saying about Bravenet:

I found your forum on a fishing page from Australia and was so impressed I had to have on of my own. The process was painless! I had it up in less than an hour, easy to format.... and really easy to use. I even enjoy your logos and have added a couple to my pages with links. Thanks guys,you do a great job and offer a wonderful service.....

-- Kate Howe, Classic Anglers

Just wanted to say thanks for a awesome site! I had struggled with WWWBoard (Perl-app) and my web provider to create decent conference ability for my bands homepage, when I accidentally ran into a site running your board. I really liked the sight of it, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I followed the link and found out it was FREE... And that you had counters... FREE... and normal guest books.... FREE.....and.... and... . Why should anyone worry like I used to do? I will recommend you on my page!

I teach computers in business at the college level and often ask my students to use Bravenet to find cool add-ons for the sites they create. I love your free service and am getting ready to upgrade to a premium package. THANKS!

-- Jenny Leonard

I think now you are very excited to get on there. But wait, I want to give you an overview of all the free tools that Bravenet offers:

1. Affiliate Program

Earn a dollar for each active member referral you make to Bravenet.

2. Calendar

You and your visitors keep track of birthdays, events, meetings, and more.

3. Classifieds

Your visitors can post their own categorized, easy to find classified ads.

4. Counter Stats

Track your website traffic with Bravenet’s popular Hit Counter and Site Statistics.

5. Daily Cartoon

Show your visitors a brand new hilarious cartoon each day.

6. E-Cards

Visitors can create and send and pick up greeting cards with sounds and images.

7. Email Forms

Embed fully customized email forms on your web pages.

8. FAQ Service

Provide your users with quick answers to their most frequently asked questions.

9. Fast URL Redirect

Turn a long and difficult to remember web address into a short, easy to type web URL.

10. Free Links

Visitors can add their favorite links to this easy to use categorized link directory.

11. Guest Map

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12. Guestbook

Bravenet’s famous guestbook stores text messages from visitors for you to read.

13. Headline News

Dynamically updating news headlines on your site - instant content!

14. Horoscope

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15. Live Chat

The ultimate in online interactivity, chat live with your website visitors.

16. Mailing List

Stay in touch with your visitors with our double opt-in newsletter/mailing list service.

17. Message Forum

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18. Mini Poll

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19. Password Gate

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20. Photo Center

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21. Site Ring

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22. Site Search

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23. Tell-A-Friend

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26. Traffic Exchange

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27. Vote Caster

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28. Web Journal

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Building a website at Bravenet is easy and fun! You don’t need to know any kind of programming or web authoring.Bravenet does everything for you. All you do is to type away the text and paste images, and voila! Your website is ready for others to view!

So just give it a try. Click here

Hi Chintu, welcome to the Forums,

First of all, here is the wrong place for your post . Try to repost it to the writing section where it can get more attention from people who are interested in correcting others' writings. But here are a few hints: try to write your article using the Microsoft "word", the mistakes regarding the space after a comma, period, ... would be underlined along with spelling errors and some basic grammatical errors. You have to pay nore attention to punctuation, articles, word order, paragraph development, .... For example, your sentences are not bound with each other in the way that they should in a paragraph, they seem rather independant from each other.
You can easily make new friends

You will see that as soon as you invite a few friends to your site, they will in turn invite a few others.

You can easily make new friends by inviting your friends to the site, who in turn invite their own friends, so uou'll have a community of old and new friends after a short time.

Your first step towards successful online business is: A website
You need the indefinite article "a" before "successful", I don't think that you need a colon after "is" to introduce your subject of interest, you can type "website" in a bold, italic, a different font colour,or a bigger font to emphasise.

Do not forget to read your writing before handing it in, you'll get a better result by doing it in a later time. With rereading your writing you can avoid mistakes like the following:
Your online friends can meet you as and when they wish
Good luck with your writings. Don't lose your hope, you can easily overcome these problems by reading a good reference guide to writing, which you won't find it difficult to spot some on the net.


I visited grammarbook.com and learnt some punctuation tips there.Do u know any website that free or cheap grammar courses?
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

These are some free online resources. I'm sure they would help you inproving your writing skills. Good luck

I have a simple solution. Read Lynne Truss' "Eats, Shoots & Leaves".
I have a bad punctuation skill, and need a website that can help me. Are there any websites that are free that i can use to help.

Thank You,

Cherie McCallum
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