[A]Hello im unıversity student and going to be an english teacher here in turkey . I have problems about tenses.I have three long cloze passages in my exams.I hardly guess which tenses are suitable to the blanks in passages.I dont know many word maybe this is the problem anyway I cant understand what is told in a passage.Also passages are really difficult about science politics and have a few adverb of time.Emotion: crying

So what can I do to be sure about whıch tenses are suitable when?if you give some advice I would be really happy
This is WAY too broad a topic to try to discuss here. If you have time, why don't you start [url=http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbtenseintro.html ]HERE, FOR INSTANCE[/url].
Read English newpapers and books at least an hour or two every day, more if you can manage it.
Do not stop at every word. Try to grasp the meanings from context. Read for enjoyment, not to study.

You might also watch English television if it's available.

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Thanks but I have been studying the rules for years and know lots of them already but I dont understand usages of them in passages how a harmony a wholeness must be between sentences.I begin to think that I dont see them with the eyes of an englishwoman.I really dont know where is the mistake.Im rather sorry for this dont yu have anything to adviceEmotion: sad
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Thank you very much for advicesEmotion: smile