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Oh, ok!
ok, my essay is gonna be do on january 3rd. I hope to get a good grade! =)
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Me too! Good luck, Phu.
WOOOHOOO, i got a 2 out of 3...my teacher said i did good out of my previous essay !
Yay! now to do one more essay! Thanks guys!
i need help restating my thesis statement
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hi,I need your help too,ı have a presentation about the scarler ıbis,ıt should be something really creative,ıt will include summary and dicsussion questions but they all have to be creative,ı mean the teacher does not want us to summary the story ın a classical way,so could please show me the way how can ı make it more interesting and creative
So, in the story, It doesn't explain how Doodle dies. Was he murdered, struck by lightening, what?

Doodle is not murdered, or struck by lightning. He doesn't even trip and fall to his death. First off, the point is now how he dies, but the fact that he does. His brother pushed him too hard, and while Doodle had overcome many of his previous physical disabilities, his heart problems remained dormant and came out when he tried to sprint through the rain to his brother. This overexertion is what defeats him in the end.
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