Can any Body help here in this topic that i am really fad up of teaching student. I need What ?
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lol... perhaps a holiday, or a new student.

Dear Mike

No I Don't Need Holiday nor New students Then What i want....?
Please Specify what so ever.

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I'm sorry, Avatars, I have no way of knowing what it is that you want.
All I can do is guess. Do you like red sports cars with fluffy dice hanging from the rear-vision mirror, and doors that open like wings?
Hi Dear,

There are many reasons for being fad up of things in life, In your case, it is must for me to know why you felt so. Your profession need to know the child physcology then only you will understand how to enjoy the teaching.

Well i can suggest few things to you that will help you out.

1) Read the child physcological books

2) Or browse related sites.

3) Please donot involve your personal tensions in to professional life.

4) Read humen physcology books as well.


What does "fad up" mean? "Fed up" with the California vowel shift?
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Maybe you need to relax, like take a vacation. Or, maybe look at the things that are good in your life, and then, focus on them. Emotion: smile
Im at a loss also to understand what 'fad up' means, in English we say fed up as previously said.

May i ask what you are teaching, are you an English teacher?

Only you can answer as to why you are 'fed up' and then look at how this can be resolved. There are plenty of issues in peoples life, but yes having a holiday always helps, take a break and reflect on what you have got and what others havent.

Personally i would say chill out and think about things rationally.

Take care

After being Muslim u must get pleasures n it n u will feel well!
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