I have one more chance to take the test. I need a score of 56, and I scored 54!!! Just by two points.
The question will be slightly different when I take it again. It's call CTP -

The Computerized Placement Test-

It's important for me, because in order to enter to this program called "Nursing assistant" it requires a score of 56. What to do so I can improve. I don't know how to study, etc..
It's about

Main idea
Supporting details
Patterns of Organization
Critical reading
Implied,suggest.. ( I have trouble with this )
Lots of members read newspaper reports, etc. Then post their thoughts and anything they are not sure about. Then other members help them out.
It's hard to tell what "blah blah" may stand for but based on this little bit, it seems that it's about the historic use of salt/seasoning.
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Can anyone help me with this question.. I don't know it precise, but I will try.

The passage was about Seasonings... he wrote about health-conscious people, and that salt cures meat and fish... that people use seasoning this days... blah blah. Oh, and that before history, it was used a lot..

Sorry, but I have forgotten.. then it says

This passage is about

1) Technical
2) Scientific
3) Pshychologic
4) Historical

So when they talk about seasonings, and health.. is it about Scientific?
I know that what I wrote was vague, but at least I tried. he he
They ask that on CPT test a lot.. and it's important for me.
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Sorry, but I tried. Thanks for the help.

This CPT test is important for me. I scored 54 and I needed 56 in order to enter to the nursing assistant program. JUST by 2 points... They are waiting for me to show them the score.

I am taking long! This shouldn't be that hard.. I am a reader. >_< If other student in my class scored 60-70+ then I can. I hope I can score over 60+ next time because this is just rediculious.

I need help with this thing... the test is called CPT, they usually start with the question:

According to ***** ,
This passage suggest....
The relationship between...
and some more..

Anyone know about this stuff that could help me later today on msn?