My bestfriend has gotten himself into a devistating situation. I know that he is facing a long sentence, and he needs me to help get 100 of these character letters together. The body of this letter I don't worry about. Everyone knows all of his wonderful qualities and contrabutions to our lifes. I need a guideline to follow for the form, length, and how it should be addressed. Also how in depth do I go &keep from telling a story, but staying personal? Do I put my contact ifno or signature only? I don't know what the judge expects, yet I am asking 99 others who have the same q's. thanks ASAP
Ask his attorney.
Did you ever write this letter? I am in the same situation and looking for some guidance as well.
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Have you received any good examples of a proper character letter ? I am in the same boat and I am absolutly blank as to how to create the perfect letter to the judge regarding myself I really don't know where to start.

any help is greatly appreciated

thank you


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i too am in need of information to write a letter for my brother please let me know of any information that could help me thanks


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It should be about 3 paragraphs long, addressed in the "To Whom It May Concern", and list individual positive characteristics and examples.

Did you ever have any luck gathering these letters? I am working on the same kind of situation now (April 2009) and would appreciate any help.

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[Your Name]
[Your Address]


[Current Date]
[Address of law office or Judge]

Re: [Case Number]

To Honorable Judge [Name of Judge],
My name is [Your Name] and I am writing you in reference to [relation to plaintiff] [Plaintiff's name], who is being tried for [short description of charge(s)]....

[Body of Letter]

Best Regards,

[Your Name]