one month ago i finish a book very good, it name is "La sombra del viento" the translate to english is "The shadow of the wind" i believe...

The writer is Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

The story talks about a boy that has a girlfriend but he lost her. He reads a book and the story of this book is very similar to him life. All the book is situated in Barcelona (spain) but is very easy to read and the names of the places don´t disturb in the read. I don´t tell more of it for somebody read it.
Last week I finished reading "Wild Swans" by Jung Chang, a chinese writer and english language teacher who lived during the period of post-war era in China and saw the real agony of people and experienced all the hardships in her own family's life.

A brilliant book full of historic facts and realities. As one of comments puts it "it is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this book". Also the book won the British Book of the Year award in 1992 and some other prizes.

The end was so impressive..... I couldn't even keep my tears dripping...
I recommend to read books of Osho. He's a master of Buddhism and Yoga, all his books are very interesting. I believe Osho, believe he is a great man. He is said to change lives of many people only with his books. Try it and you'll find deep wisdom there Emotion: wink