First of all english isn't my first language please excuse for my mistake.

I sent my cover letter and resume to a company and they reply that they're interest.

I keep the letter too long to myself now because I don't know how to write it proper.

So please please help me !

Here is the reply letter from the company

Dear ...,

I would like to discuss an internship here at ...... I do have an internship opening starting January 1st to the end of April 2006. I do not know if this time frame would work for you. I was very impressed with the images of your work and would love the opportunity to work with you. If these dates are a possibility, I would be happy to discuss the details of this position.



My letter would be

(I don't know how should I address I already know the name who I would write back)

I'm very sorry I couldn't reply sooner.(should I give out the reason why? cuz my school is going carzy with lots of projects

or it will mean that I can't handle lots of things happend at the same time very well?)
My time schdule for the intern is start in March
and continue to May. I need to complete the time
length the unvisersity given, it is xxx hours.
But my concern is on where I would be staying over there.
Paid intern would help me a lot for the living cost over
there. I would be glad if the schdule is suit
with you.

Sincerely Your,


Please help me I need it imediately.

What did I do wrong? why no one help me? I did write my own letter just need your help to correct them. I didn't ask to write them for me.. so please anyone... I'll be really appreciated even just tell me what I'm supposed to do here.
hi Anonymous,

I can understand how anxious you feel now. And sorry english is also not my first language. But i often have to write some bussiness mail to our client. pls refer to the below letter, which i revised.

"sorry for late response for your letter.

I feel so honored that you could offer such a good chance to work with you. but my schedule seems a little conflict with your frame. I only can start in March and continue to May, for i had to complete the studying in my univeristy. I would be very glad if it is also acceptable for you.

(If Ok, I also would like to know if it is paid inern. for it would help me a lot for the living cost over
there.) * i suggested you needn't write it now, according to the understanding, the schedule is more important for them now. and usually the inten should be paid.

Sincerely Your,"

hopefully you can get this job.
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Thanks a million!! because they email for a week or so.. I'm in really bad position.. I really do appreciated it..
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