I repudiate your petulant expostulation.

I believe the above one means 'Don't you dare to talk to me like this'. Right? That sentence is written in a high-end formal register. Is there really any need for such formality? Why can't it be said using some simple and straight words?
Overly Latinate diction often has a humorous intention. If I read your sentence on a forum, for instance, I would take it as an example of mock-formality. It would be quite surprising to learn that the speaker was serious.

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I agree with your appraisal of the situation, but authors frequently use stylized speech to reveal aspects of a character's personality. That is, the author doesn't report to you what kind of person this is. He lets the character speak, and reveal himself to you as being not exactly an average bloke.
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So, can it be also be used in everyday spoken English? Won't such person look snobbish or pedantic to others unless others are also that much pedantic?
You're right again. There's nothing wrong with the sentence.
But these three words are probably all unknown to a third (perhaps even half) of the US population. Anyone using them except among his own circle of close friends would be considered strange indeed, whether or not he was understood.
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Thanks, MrP. I wanted to add that, but couldn't seem to find the words.[Y]
Sounds to me like the sort of thing an Englishman would say. It has a very condescending and arrogant tone, which is the domain of the English.

In fact, I think I'm going to start using that phrase frequently and with all the pomposity I can muster.

It can replace my current catchphrase, which has been "John Prescott is about as welcome as whooping cough at a glass-blowers convention".

I love this site.
AdrenochromeSounds to me like the sort of thing an Englishman would say.
Or perhaps, an English teacher in front of an unruly class? Emotion: smile
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Or someone slamming yet another empty glass on the bar.
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